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Windhoek is governed by a multiparty Council of 15 Councillors. The current Council brings together 11 councillors representing the ruling SWAPO Party, 1 NUDO representative and the RDP/RP Coalition represented by 3 councillors. The City of Windhoek is a one constituency municipal council. This means all 15 councillors, represent the whole municipal area as a one constituency. Because Namibia has not adopted full time or executive local councillorship system, city councillors are part time public office bearers. A number of them hold professional fulltime employment in the public and private sector.

Councillor FN Kahungu SWAPO

Cllr Fransina Kahungu joined the Windhoek City Council following regional and local authority elections held in November 2010, representing the ruling SWAPO Party. Born in Okapanda village in 1970, Fransina’s political career began way back in the eights with student upraising activities; which saw her joining the Namibia National Student Organization (NANSO). In 1989 she was part of the Mweshipandeka High School students who organized the mass national demonstration for the withdrawal of the Apartheid South African forces of occupation from Namibia.

Following the implementation of the UN Resolution 435 for the independence of Namibia later in 1989, Fransina was one of the student activists assisting with the welcoming of returning Namibians from exile. She was part of the group entrusted with the integration and connecting returnees to their families. From this humble beginning, in 2006 Fransina was elected as a Coordinator for SWAPO Party’s Women Council in Kakurukaze Mungunda branch and was re-elected in 2010.  During her time with the party’s women Council, she was a staunch advocate of women economic emancipation and empowerment, lobbying for the @PUT HER UP@ approach, and encouraging women to take part in political and economical activities.

Fransina is a teacher by profession with experience spanning back to 1999 when she was first appointed at Olaf Palme Primary School. She holds as B. Degree in Education and a Higher Diploma in Secondary Education from the University of Namibia. She has a wealth of experiences in project management, social sciences, marketing and sustainable development, as well as Agenda 21 for world city projects.

As a community activist, Fransina set herself to addressing Windhoek community needs during her five year mandate; focusing on:

  • access to affordable decent housing
  • improvement in the public transport system.
  • creation of job opportunities and promotion small and informal businesses

Councillor BE Cornelius RDP

Brunhilde Elke Cornelius was born in Windhoek, Katutura, in 1970. Like many young Namibians of her time Brunhilde’s political involvement began, in 1985 when she joined the student union NANSO. She was elected as one of the Leaders in the NANSO branch for the Schools in Khomasdal in 1986. In 1988 she was among the NANSO leaders who addressed South African Apartheid Administrator to Namibia, Louis Pienaar demanding the immediate removal of the army bases that were located close to schools in the Northern Namibia. The student politics; aspired her to participate in the broader spectrum of today’s national politics.

In early 1989, Brunhilde joined the ruling SWAPO Party. In 2007 Brunhilde resigned from SWAPO and joined the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP). At the first RDP National Convention in December 2008, she was elected to the party’s Central Committee. In 2009 she was elected Deputy Secretary of Labour in the National Executive Committee of RDP.

Brunhilde was elected to the Council of the City of Windhoek in December 2010.

Brunhilde holds a Diploma in Sales and Marketing, from Burnam College, South Africa. She worked for leading companies in the private sector such as Namibia Breweries where she held the position of Manager: Customer Care Centre. She also served on various school boards in Windhoek. Brunhilde is also a seasoned entrepreneur running her own Transport and Catering Company since.

Brunhilde is an active community worker, a Sunday School Teacher, businesswoman and a devoted wife and mother. Brunhilde is a Christian, outspoken, yet soft-hearted, who believes that “discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments, and that ‘change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time, as we are the change that we seek”. Brunhilde is married and blessed with three children, two girls Attalia and Adonia, and a boy Luther.


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